10th May

Lighthouse v1.4 Released

The team recently released v1.4 of the Lighthouse Platform which includes Point Of Interest features which allows users to specify polygonal geographical areas against Devices so that entry and exit events can raised, as well as supporting SenML packet processing from the IoT Hub.

 Main Features

  • A generic Device can send SenML formatted payloads to the IoT Hub so that location data can be processed from a wide range of Device Hardware Models
  • A Lighthouse API User can add a Point of Interest to an Account so that Point of Interests can be easily assigned to Devices in that Account
  • The Lighthouse Platform can create an POI Event when Device Enters or Exits a predefined area
  • The Lighthouse Platform can send a POI Entry or Exit Notification to a set of Contacts
  • A Lighthouse API User can add a Point of Interest to a Device so that Entry and Exit Notifications can be received by a set of Contacts
  • The Lighthouse Platform will use an Account or Device POI description as the reverse geocoded description when a device is within a the POI area
  • A Blackrock User can see both last valid location date times and last device contact time if the last location was invalid
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