11th April

Lighthouse v1.2 Released

The team recently deployed v1.2 of the platform to production which following a significant (and hugely successful :) ) product migration from our Legacy systems focused on consolidating new features that had been added recently as well as resolving a number of bugs.

 Main Features

  • A Lighthouse User can view Event data against locations on the map to aid asset recovery and diagnostics
  • A Lighthouse Keeper user can filter the Device List by Account so that they can quickly review a set of Devices against a single Account
  • A Lighthouse Account Admin user can set a “Don’t Process Check Ins” option against a Device so that a faulty or incorrectly configured Device does not persist any data
  • The Lighthouse Platform will send a device a Default Schedule when it resets so that the device doesn’t continually send data to the server
  • A Lighthouse User can assign a Product Configuration to a Device

 Bug Fixes

  • Any search by Date Range not correctly factoring time zone in API GET request
  • Remove the overflow thats adding the vertical scroll bar on the Blackrock Device list
  • Deleting a user with notification opt ins causes the opt ins to remain cached against the devices
  • Deleting a Contact with Notification Opt Ins causes the opt ins to remain cached against the devices
  • Changing the Account on Device does not remove all the notifications settings for Users and Contacts
  • Blackrock Minor UI Tweaks & Bug Fixes
  • Quick times doesn’t populate quick picker label when loading pages
  • Check Ins Diagnostic View Inverts Valid Flag
  • Configure sensors grid does not display all sensors
  • GSM Sensor MNC/MCC translation entries missing
  • When viewing sensor graph the loading indicator still displays when there is no data
  • Unusual Update Command being executed regularly and utilising a lot of DB resources
  • Spatial usage stats are not correct
  • UDP Hub Gateway not responsive.
  • DataPacketCache is being loaded twice when processing a received packet
  • Incorrect Arm Options presented to Account user
  • iOS9 zoom doesn’t set correctly when viewing modals
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