25th March

Lighthouse v1.1 Released

The team recently deployed v1.1 of the platform to production which delivered the following features and bug fixes:

 Main Features

  • A Blackrock User can search for Device Locations by date range
  • A Blackrock Account Admin User can request to view a collection of Devices by Account
  • An Account Role principal can only opt in to Event Notifications on the Lighthouse Platform and Web Application when the Events are set up as Alert Events in the Product Event Model
  • A Lighthouse Account Admin can specify a sent from Email Address against an Account so that email notifications are sent from an appropriate email address
  • A Keeper User can edit their contact details (name, mobile and phone) so that their contact details are kept up to date
  • An Account Admin user can open the map view from Keeper for a device they are viewing
  • A Lighthouse Admin User can upload a SIM – GSM Number CSV file so that Devices can be batch assigned a GSM Number retrospectively
  • An M2M Cloud User can view the Spatial Stats (External vs Internal) on Power BI

 Bug Fixes

  • Users and Contacts cannot be deleted if received an SMS notification
  • HTTP 500 Error when sorting devices by name
  • GET Device Notification OptIns as an Account Admin returns 500 Error
  • Protocol Gateway: There was a problem calling the remote Check In Service, UnauthorizedException
  • Tag-Input for devices cutting off placeholder text in Keeper
  • Batch Device Configuration Caused Duplicate Commands to be added to the queue
  • No Restriction is applied when an Account Role or Account Admin Role attempts to apply a command which is not an approved command of the product
  • Users whose contact does not have a phone number set cannot log in
  • Not all HTTP status 500 HTTP logs have a corresponding error message
  • Expanding paged grids to view 25, 50, all does not work
  • Blackrock – Device in Alerted State ordering is wrong on refresh
  • Never ending spinner when searching Notifications and no return in Keeper
  • Keeper – 404 on products page does not account for Finally statement wrapping up grid reporting
  • Keeper – Device dashboard goes wonky when account name is too long
  • Disarm button not showing when device is armed, only re-arm button
  • Duplicate Sensor Values and Locations on Check Ins
  • API returning null devices
  • Blackrock – No way to cancel a pending state change
  • Refresh device list doesn’t always update date time values
  • Clicking cog in Blackrock de-selects device
  • Config Command – Set response service address defaults to “”
  • Cell site should not re-draw on refresh if values have not changed
  • If there is no device last location, then the device does not add to the list
  • Navigating to a Check In from a Log Entry using the Check In Icon doesn’t work in Keeper
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