14th March

Lighthouse v1.0 Released

The team recently deployed v1.0 of the platform to production which delivered the following features and bug fixes:

 Main Features

  • A Lighthouse Admin User can specify a style sheet against an Account so that custom styles can be applied to different Accounts
  • A Lighthouse Account User can run a Journey Summary Report
  • A Lighthouse Account Admin User can view the Cell Coverage area on the map for a selected Device
  • A Lighthouse Account Admin User can view device location and diagnostic data in a single tabular view
  • A Lighthouse Account Admin User can download a single journey or collection of journeys in GPX format

 Bug Fixes

  • The start and end markers on Journey History should show the distance travelled rather than the start and end odometers.
  • Config Command – “Set schedule” command defaults to GSM modem disabled
  • A Journey cannot be created with a packet which has Ignition On set to False.
  • Query Zero results not handled correctly on External Rev Geo Service
  • Exception when trying to save notification opt ins
  • There is no feedback to a Lighthouse user if the Save Notification process fails.
  • Import device by csv – import successful but no UI feedback
  • Device Details – Current Firmware version not easily accessible
  • Guest Access – on timeout unauthorised and map location still displayed
  • Compass Requests taking a long time and utilising a lot of DB resources
  • Error calling the SMS Service from Notification Service
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