23rd February

Lighthouse v0.9 Released

The team recently deployed v0.9 of the platform to production which delivered the following features and bug fixes:


Main Features

  • An Guest User can be given read only access to a set of Devices using Temporary Access Token
  • An AMC device can communicate with platform via a UDP protocol gateway
  • An Account Admin User can Manage the Guest Device Access Keys against a Device
  • The Lighthouse Platform will distinguish between Armed and Disarmed heartbeats so that a user can easily diagnose device issues
  • The Lighthouse Platform does not attempt to configure Devices that have been forwarded from Legacy
  • A Lighthouse user can see when a Device is or is not in the Alarm State

Bug Fixes

  • Device Response fails to ACK  Gateway Protocol intermittently
  • Lighthouse Keeper Time picker directive up/down button icons not showing
  • Disarm commands resent to the device on every heartbeat check in
  • Device remains in Alarmed state when Ignition on is received or the devices is armed/disarmed
  • Executed Commands are incorrectly disassociated from the device when the Command Queue contains outstanding pending entries.
  • Mega Packets received via hub endpoint are not being processed
  • Device incorrectly being re-armed when receiving Disarmed Scheduled Data before the alerts are cleared or ignition on is received
  • AMC Devices are being incorrectly disarmed on receiving a Geofence/Movement Alert
  • AMC2455 Schedule Command incorrectly encode the Alarm Timeout using 10 second units. Should use the minutes value.
  • Device Clone fails when orphaning the new Device
  • Amc2455 being rearmed when Ignition State has not transitioned
  • Header missing from Product Management
  • API – Device State HTTP 500 When commands of the same type are executed in quick succession
  • API Get Packets by Parent ID not correctly mapped
  • Email Notification text appears incorrectly as Times New Roman
  • API Help Link broken on API Home Page
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